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  • This is a photo of the Monte Sano State Park CCC museum as seen in its 2013 Christmas attire. The museum is located in Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville. The museum is open most Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00pm until 4:00pm and is operated by park volunteers. Admission to the museum is free although a small fee is required to visit the park.

  • Jeremy Knytych on his post in Afghanistan

  • Military Picture

  • Daddy

  • Thomas Daniel Eslinger

  • Corey Hambric

  • Clyde Baugh, Retired Command Sergeant Major

  • Odell Long / US Army WWII (submitted by granddaughter Bridget Long)

  • Miguel Santiago CW4 United States Army (31 years)

  • My stepfather, Capt. Michael Wade Bell. Gave his life to defend the U.S. in Vietnam. Did 3 tours and succumbed to Agent Orange-related cancer on his 60th birthday. RIP.

  • Zachary Blake Stone and his son, Zachary Blake Stone Jr., 6. Zachary Sr. is in the Navy stationed at Norfolk, VA. He has been in the Navy for 10 years and just signed for another 6 years. (Photo submitted by Holly Murray, Huntsville)

  • Shannon Rogers, U.S. Army

  • Ciara Rogers, U.S. Army

  • Sam King, U.S. Marine Corps

  • George and Virginia Maddox, WWII Veterans

  • Staff Sergeant Bobby Ferguson (Photo: Steffany Ferguson)

  • Fred Mitchell, U.S. Army, on the right

  • Gunnery Sgt. Charles D. Allsbrooks Jr. USMC

  • SGM Jim Eisner, U.S. Army, Retired

  • Lisa Wesley, currently serving

  • Bill Presley, U.S. Army. Happy Veterans Day to my husband and all the veterans.

  • Tommy Lewis, in Iraq

  • R.C. Whisenant, preparing to go to Korea

  • Danny Browning, in 1999

  • MSG Billy D. Risner

  • Freeman Talley, WWII

  • Bennie Drinkard (center)

  • Angela B. Noles, U.S. Army

  • God bless our past

  • Robert Stephenson - front center, Redstone Arsenal, 1984-1988

  • Travis G. Goggans - Vietnam veteran

  • Jedediah Hornbuckle - United States Air Force

  • PFC Jose Salazar - United States Army

  • Petty Officer 2ND Class Walter Williams - Iraq Veteran

  • CPL. Frank D. Osborn - United States Air Force

  • Venton Blandin, a U.S. Marine and WHNT News 19 Reporter

  • Chase Moon, a WHNT News 19 producer

  • David Hoover, a WHNT engineer and Air Force veteran

  • Robert Reeves, WHNT News 19 anchor

  • Tim Hanson, an Army veteran and WHNT News 19 photojournalist

  • Dave Aiello, father-in-law of Claire Aiello, WHNT's Interactive Content Manager

  • Thomas Dobbs, grandfather of Claire Aiello, WHNT's Interactive Content Manager

  • Leo P. Kelly, grandfather of Claire Aiello, WHNT's Interactive Content Manager

  • Tom Aiello, brother-in-law of Claire Aiello, WHNT's Interactive Content Manager

  • Anthony Brinkman - currently serving in the Middle East

  • Gary Jordan

  • James Dale Springer

  • Jimmy Krantz

  • Matt Fossett, US Army Airborne, returning home from Afghanistan

  • Gabriel and Amanda Shelton

  • Sgt. Gabriel Adam Shelton

  • Michael Wesley, U.S. Navy

  • Raymond Presley, U.S. Army

  • Richard Staggs, U.S. Army

  • Uncle William Presley, U.S. Army

  • Lisa Wesley, currently serving in U.S. Navy

  • Johnnie Staggs, U.S. Air Force

  • Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Greg Long - photo taken in Afghanistan, in a helicopter with the rugged mountains in the background.

  • Roger Presley, Jr. (U.S. Army Reserve)

  • James Sempek, in Vietnam. He just received a Purple Heart. Sempek served for 27 years. (Photo: Belinda Poarch)

  • R.J. Aungst serves in the United States Navy and is currently stationed in Virginia Beach. This photo was taken in NYC. (Photo submitted by Stefanie Aungst)

  • My son, Zachary Washington! Proud member of the U.S. Army. He is my rock! A wonderful son and awesome big brother! We love him and are so proud of him. He graduated from Bob Jones High School, Madison AL.

  • U.S. Army Aviators (JT Taylor, Benjamin Clark)

  • William Hope Clouse, a navigator in North Africa, Sicily and Tunisia during WWII. (Photo submitted by Robin Clouse, daughter)

  • Joseph Laudano, 101st Airborne division. Served in Korea. (Photo submitted by David Laudano)

  • Jamie Wallace, Alyson Robertson, Jamie Robertson and friend Michelle Parker, Army National Guard

  • Joseph E. Hill, United States Army Veteran

  • Cpl. Donald Crow, in Vietnam, 1969-70

  • Kyle Crutchfield and Bride - Ft. Benning, Georgia in 2009.

  • Staff Sergeant Richard D. Waddell. He served during the "Cold War" era station in Kunsan, Korea. In all, he served 8 years and 4 months for the Untied States Air Force.

  • Charlie Parker, U.S. Army Veteran

  • Sergeant Thomas Shipley USMC, HMX1 Helicopter Technician for Ronald Reagan

TENNESSEE VALLEY, (WHNT) – Today, people across the United States and the Tennessee Valley will pause to honor our nation’s veterans.

Several ceremonies and events are planned across the Tennessee Valley to mark Veterans Day.

We want to help you honor the veteran in your life.  Please submit a photo of a veteran you would like to recognize. You can do so by clicking the submit your photo button below.

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