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Kids to Love: Shyann


Shyann is growing up fast in foster care.  She is taking etiquette classes to learn how a young lady should act.  She would love to have a forever family to help her with these life skills, she wants a mom and a dad…  she needs a mom.  Shyann is this week’s Kids to Love.

13 year old soft spoken Shyann lives up to her name.  She’s in the 6th grade.

Shyann:  “I like math, science, that’s all.” Lee:  “What do you like to do for fun?”

Shyann:  “I like to play basketball, softball and track.”

She also likes to sing in the choir at church.

Shyann’s been in foster care for 2 years…and 4 homes.

Lee:  “Do you know what foster care means?”

Shyann:  “It means that when you go into a home and there’s a family that cares about you and want to adopt you.”

Lee:   “Is that something you want?”

(Shyann shakes head yes)

Lee:  “If you could pick any kind of family, what kind of family would you pick?”

Shyann:  “I want a family that cares about me that loves me that won’t do the same thing my own parents did.”

She wants to find a family that will see her the way she sees herself.

Shyann:  “I’m fun person, I help people, I love playing with children, I also wanna have a baby sister and a baby brother.”

And a dog

Shyann: “Aa german shepherd or a poodle.’

And a big thank you to Brewer High School and the FCCLA members and instructors.

The student lead organization focuses on community service projects and presented a check for $833 dollars along with socks and t-shirts to our Kids to Love Christmas for the Kids drive.

‘Tis the season to get involved!

Click here for more information on volunteering & sponsoring a child’s wish list this Christmas!


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