Saban: ‘I’m totally committed to the University of Alabama’

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Nick Saban (Courtesy: 60 Minutes)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WHNT) – Alabama head football coach Nick Saban responded to rumors that he would leave to take the Texas coaching job Wednesday. reports Saban told ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, “”Well I don’t know where these reports come from,” Saban said with a smile. “I’ve sort of addressed the situation before. I’m totally committed to the University of Alabama, looking forward to the game we have this week and all my focus has been on LSU and what our team needs to do to play their best.”

This week, a report surfaced that Saban’s agent told Texas regents the only job Saban would ever leave for would be the University of Texas coaching job.


  • Oatmeal Creme Pie

    Saban is a no nonsense man. If his agent was creating this drama by making these calls and meetings with no direction from Saban, Saban would fire him immediately.

  • eddie braxton johhnson

    He is a very boring coach, his achievements not withstanding. His only coaching style involves beefing up the O-line!… if any coach could figure out how to ‘cardio’; these beefy line men, thats the one who’ll win the trophy!..any heisman QB’S FROM alabama?

    • Justin

      Eddie I don’t think anyone would describe Saban as boring. If his coaching style is so easy to reproduce, I wonder why no other teams progress like the ones he coaches. As for quarterback, the main reason we don’t have a Heisman is because we don’t leave our QB in the whole game to rack up stats. Alabama is more than stats. Oh, except when it comes to wins and championships.

  • George Loveday

    We’ve been fortunate to have Saban at Alabama. When he came, the thought in the back of my mind was how long he’d be at Bama. With all the recent events I feel that we’ll know something definitely after the bowl games. But Nick, if you are “too damn old to go somewhere else and start over,” by all means stay where you are and continue YOUR legacy at Alabama just like the “old coaches- Paterno/Penn State, Bowden/FSU, Bryant/UA have done. STAY PUT!!!!! As for the pressure, tell everyone to BACK OFF!!!

  • Bill

    @eddie braxton johnson, no heisman QB’s from ‘Bama but we have one with 3 nat’l. champ. rings with a fourth on the way!

  • noel roe

    eddie you must be an auburn fan…lol saban isn’t going anywhere. he will win a third straight and a forth and fifth too right at alabama.

  • Steve

    The local news reported his Nick’s agent flew to Texas to talk with U of Texas, why would he do this , if Nick was dead set to stay in Alabama ?

  • eddie braxton johhnson

    thats why he can’t coach in the nfl!….he’s lost his voice cuz he yells at the BEEFY BOYS!..ALL HIS PRETTY BOY QUARTERBACKS AINT NEVER MADE IT IN THE NFL

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