Chargers for Charity: Gaming for a Cause

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It's game time at the University of Alabama Huntsville.
A 24-hour gaming marathon held on campus enters its second year.

Chargers for Charity is a gaming group, trying to make a difference.

The organizer for Chargers for charity, Tyler England, hopes to reach more people so in turn they can raise more money to be donated.

"We want to make it bigger, we've gotten some sponsors, we've gotten some prizes going on," said Tyler England. "We're hoping to continue that and get more sponsors and get more people here so we can raise awareness and get more donations."

The money raised goes to buy items for children that have to be at the hospital regularly .

"It's gotten so big, that now we are able to pay for treatments and medicines for these terminally ill kids or kids that are having to come in constantly for treatments, said England."

Chargers for Charity donates the funds raised to a hospital of their choosing as well as the Children's Miracle Network out of Birmingham.

"We want to help the children that started this program," said England. "The kids that were sick and needed help, that's what we want to do."

Chargers for Charity reached their goal of $1000.00 and the money raised will go to a hospital of their choosing and the Children's Miracle Network.