60 Minutes Profile on Nick Saban To Air Sunday, Nov. 3

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Nick Saban (Courtesy: 60 Minutes)

Nick Saban (Courtesy: 60 Minutes)

Nick Saban (Courtesy: 60 Minutes)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WHNT) – It’s safe to say the number one thing most football fans know about Alabama’s Nick Saban is — he wins football games.

There’s a lot more to Nick Saban than just wins, though.  Fans, and opponents are going to see that Sunday, November 3 on 60 Minutes with an in-depth look at the Tide’s football boss.

CBS Correspondent Armen Keteyian filed the story, and WHNT News 19 had a chance to talk with him about what he learned about the Alabama coach.  Watch the full interview below.

"We open at practice, and you can only imagine how gruff he can be at practice," said Keteyian. "He's a perfectionist. He expects the best out of his players, obviously, you well know that, and he doesn't mince words."

No, he doesn't. In eight months of filming the coach and the Bama football program, Keteyian and the 60 Minutes crew wanted to go to the heart of what makes Nick Saban tick.

We asked Keteyian about Saban's sense of humor.

"It's very dry, it's a little sarcastic and a little sardonic, and that's kind of my sense of humor so if you know Nick well enough in certain ways, he's more than willing to make fun of himself, and I find that to be one of his most endearing qualities," Keteyian said.

Keteyian admits 'endearing' isn't a word most people connect with Nick Saban.  What they do connect with him is what Nick calls 'the process' - which will be explained Sunday night.

There will be some surprises too.

"I think one thing that will surprise them comes out of Chancellor Whitt's mouth," said Keteyian.  "When I asked him if Nick Saban is worth $5.5 million a year in salary, and I won't say what Dr. Whitt says, but I think it's the quote of the entire piece."

Then again -- another surprise for viewers -- the real goal of Alabama's football program.  A hint, Keteyian says, it's not winning.

Keteyian says he'll also talk about this topic in his 60 Minutes piece: Is Nick Saban happy, and content at Alabama?

The Nick Saban profile airs Sunday, November 3 on 60 Minutes on WHNT News 19.  The program airs at 6 p.m. but may be delayed due to NFL football.

On Wednesday, an extended version will air on Showtime's 60 Minutes Sports at 9 p.m. central.  That piece features Scott Cochran, Alabama's colorful strength and conditioning coach.


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