Mediacom Removes Loose 100-foot Cable From Homeowner’s Property

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A homeowner feels a cable company is no longer opening him up to a lawsuit. David Hawkins crossed over a loose cable for three months every time he left his home. The cable spanned from one house to another leaving Hawkins' home in the middle.

He told us Mediacom was putting his neighbors, especially children in danger. WHNT News 19 took action! The 100 foot loose cable is now gone.

Hawkins walked the length of the cable with WHNT News 19, from his neighbor's house to his house and even all the way down to another neighbor's house.

The cable showed signs someone had already tripped. It was scare for Hawkins with a lot trick or treaters expected outside his home in a couple of days.

WHNT News 19 showed you Hawkins' problem. He told you about in our last 'Fighting for You' report.

“Man, that was great. It was absolutely amazing,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins explained his three-month struggle asking Mediacom to remove a loose cable from his property.

The 100 foot cable stretched from his neighbor’s house on the left to his neighbor's house on the right. Hawkins and his house were stuck in the middle.

“In less than a week, from the time I called you the first time, it was taken care of,” added Hawkins.

WHNT News 19 made a call to Mediacom the day before the 'Fighting for You' report aired. A company spokeswoman got back to WHNT News 19 within an hour.

“It blows my mind I spent that long trying to get something done. You made one phone call and it`s taken care of,” added Hawkins.

The spokeswoman told WHNT News 19 crews would fix Hawkins’ problem as soon as possible.

“It just proves they don`t always take care of the little man. Sometimes, you have to just push back to get it taken care of,” added Hawkins.

The cable, once stretched across three properties, was nowhere in sight.

WHNT New 19 asked Hawkins, “So, where is the cable now?”

“It`s gone. I don`t know where it is. I don`t know where it went, but it is not in my yard,” added Hawkins.

The cable was outside Hawkins’ home when he left for work. He expected to see it when he returned.

“I had no idea it would be done that quick, none at all. I know that you all get results and things start happening when you`re making phone calls. But, I had no idea it would be removed that quick,” added Hawkins.

It’s worth mentioning, the delay in fixing Hawkins' problem, might have been intensified by Hawkins not being a Mediacom customer. The company has accounts with Hawkins’ neighbors.

The company spokeswoman sends her apologies to Hawkins. He still has no plan to become a cable customer.

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  • clarence

    Same thing happened to my folks.
    I had reported it three times and nothing happened. I finally saw Mediacom installers in the neighborhood and 3 months later it was fixed.
    It was literally laying across the driveway and yard that long.
    Not an efficient run organization at all, but they never fail to send the bill.

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