Driver Speaks Out About Moments Leading Up To Memorial Parkway Wreck

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A rush hour wreck left a car hanging over the edge of Memorial Parkway Wednesday evening. The driver of that car is now recovering at home, and sat down exclusively with WHNT News 19 to describe the moments leading up to that terrifying moment.

"I think it's amazing somebody didn't die in it. I'm thinking God has other plans for me."

J.L. Culwell hadn't been in a wreck in 35 years. That all changed Wednesday evening, when she was on her way to hand out candy with Manna House.

She remembers rush hour on the parkway, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and a truck merging into her lane. She says that is when she knew they were going to hit.

"I braced myself knowing between that truck and that rail I chose the truck. I consciously remember thinking I don't want to hit that rail," Culwell recalled.

She didn't expect what happened next.

"[The collision] was a lot bigger hit than I had thought and I remember the flipping portion of it."

When she came to, her car was hanging over the edge of the overpass, one tire caught on the railing and bushes behind the car were all that kept her vehicle from falling over the edge. There was a man telling her not to move.

"He said your car is dangling," recalled Culwell. "I still didn't get what he meant because all I could see was up."

Culwell says at the time, she didn't know how bad the situation was. Now,  she says she knows how blessed she is.

"I don't have any broken bones or major injuries. I mean , I hurt really bad but I'll get over that," said Culwell.  "I'm blessed and I'm pleased nobody else got hurt in it."


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