“This” Pockethose Passes Test

Posted on: 10:15 pm, October 30, 2013, by , updated on: 04:21pm, October 30, 2013


We’ve tested the Pockethose, and some of the competitors and just about all of them have, at least, some minor flaws.

To review, the Pockethose is an expandable water hose that expands and contracts like a snake as it fills with water.

One Pockethose we test broke when we tried to attach it to the faucet on an outside wall.  One Pockethose had a leak at the valve at the end away from the faucet.

We got an email from a viewer asking us to test the Pockethose again.

A woman names Cindy emailed asking….

“I know you did those Deal or Dud’s on the PocketHose before and one broke.  But I see them in every store I got in.  Can you test it and see if they are better or to see if you got a bad one?  Those would be great stocking stuffers and small gifts at Christmas for members of my family.”

We bought a new one to test for Cindy. It cost $9.99. We have seen them for $14.99.

The one we bought worked perfectly.  The connectors are still hard plastic and not metal. You need to be very careful attaching it to the faucet. Too much pressure will make it crack.

Also, the valve on the “business end” of the Pockethose we bought held tight.

So, if you want to buy the Pockethose for Christmas gifts, feel free. It sounds like Cindy will be buying a few.


  • lynn wells says:

    The pocket hose is a big dud don’t buy been threw 3 theybust like a balloon and they are no good.not pleased when we called store to return them they wouldn’t take them back.or. refund my money

  • lynn wells says:

    Dud for sure not pleased been threw 3 tried to return for refund or exchange store wouldn’t do either not pleased with this product

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