Arab Woman Wants to Know Why Someone Killed Her Dog

ARAB, Ala. (WHNT)-- Chaezz Moses can't fathom why someone would drag her dog Bo to his death.

"Just pure cruelty I guess.  I don't know why."

Moses says she found the dog Friday afternoon near a bridge on Mount Oak Road near Arab.

"He had a rope around his neck.   And he had been drug down the road."

Moses says Arab Police are investigating the case.
"Just the brutality of it hurts my heart because I have such a love for them.  I have inside dogs and a cat.  I guess it just hurt my heart I guess I should say."


  • Sue

    I am outraged that someone would be that cruel!!! There NEEDS to be a stiff penalty for such an act of inhumane torture! Pets of any kind do no harm to people. Whoever this was should have the same done to them. I am so sorry for the dog and owner. Despicable!!!!!

  • crystal stipes

    the thought of hurting a helpless animal is outrageous it really me tear up they depend on people taking care of them just like a child not harming them

  • Shirley

    We have lost so many good labs in this area from being shot – I hate this and know exactly how she feels it DOES hurt the heart

  • Sue

    Animals are sweet and trusting towards people. I cannot understand how anyone can look into their faces and hurt them. They are not expecting and certainly DO NOT deserve to be treated like this! I love all animals -they are Angels. Only the mean and cowardly picks on unsuspecting little pets. They are not human. Old saying- what goes around comes around- hope so!

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