Alabama Settles Immigration Lawsuit

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) - Several provisions of the controversial Alabama Immigration law will not be enforced after a lawsuit settlement was reached today with civil rights groups, according to our news partners at

The state said in the settlement that police can not hold someone during a traffic stop solely to check that person's immigration status.

It was also agreed to that the state will not check the immigration status of public school students, a provision of the law that had already been temporarily blocked by federal courts.

The civil rights group has agreed to dismiss their legal claims in return for these concessions.  A federal judge must approve the settlement for the changes to be finalized.

The state of Alabama agreed to pay $350,000 in attorney fees.


  • Wake Up

    Well, that was a big waste of Alabama taxpayer’s money! Now we can move onto spending more big bucks on the next futile fight against big bad government!

  • Charlene Zoma

    This is good, but can you let people know if a person has an illegal person that he or she is married to go to jail if the spouse is in the car with him or her. I am married to an illegal and we are trying to get everything fixed right so we do not have to live in fear of going to jail. People have been calling members of my family and telling them that if my husband is in my car the police will take us both to jail. We are legally married and we do not want to go to jail. When will we get a governor and other people see that it does not matter where a person is from as long as they are doing what they can for their family. What ever happened to the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. What about loving your neighbor as yourself. Jesus showed us how to do these but our government has decided they are better than him. Will hell be worth it for our governor and other elected officials?

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