Malzahn vs. Bielema Feud Deepens

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FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas -- Arkansas coach Bret Bielema doesn't believe Auburn is following protocol when it comes to sharing game film.

The coach's main issue? Auburn did not include a wide angle view of one of the Tigers' 2-point conversion sets, which it calls "Batman," he said Monday.

Auburn usually lines up in the set, with a player scanning the defense before shifting into a typical field goal formation after most touchdowns. The Tigers used it during their 45-10 victory against Florida Atlantic, but kicked a field goal.

"There are just some clips that haven't -- shall we say, the TV copy doesn't match the film copy," Bielema said Monday. "And it's something we have kind of been aware of now for the last week and half in getting our preparation. So we can use other film and stuff like that to make sure we are getting the full picture."

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