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Guntersville Council To Again Consider Entertainment District

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- Several people showed up at Monday night's Guntersville City Council meeting.   They were expecting to speak publicly about their opposition to a proposed entertainment district for downtown.

Several months ago the idea for the district was floated.  It would relax alcohol laws in the downtown area and allow people to carry alcoholic drinks between designated businesses.   The plan failed to pass.

The idea has come back up and was on the agenda for Monday's meeting, but it was just for the council to set a public hearing on the matter for next Monday's meeting, which will be November 4th.

Some in the crowd still spoke up.  Bruce Underwood says he's worried about the moral implications.  He says he also feels it will put the city in liability danger.

"We are going to have lawyers in Birmingham and Huntsville, that are going to sue us, " Underwood said.  "And one million dollar libel suit ain't worth all the extra revenue you're anticipating."

Mayor Leigh Dollar addressed Underwood's concerns.

"It was never meant to be any type of controversy whatsoever," she said.  "From our perspective we are looking at it as more of an economic issue, not a moral issue."


  • Carolyn Moore

    Good, she wants for Guntersville to grow economically like other surrounding cities as it should. It is a beautiful city and deserves to be the great attraction that it is. I feel it has been held back and I am proud of our mayor and think she deserves everyone’s support. We need our city officials and police to treat people with respect and not like criminals. Gunterville is the most beautiful place where people want to visit without the dogma it has had in the past. Yes, it may become a tourist town as well as it should be. Consider The Smokey Mountains and the revenue there. It definitely has the qualities to bring in business and visitors. We need more reasons, other than fishing for people to plan their vacations here.

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