Food Stamp Recipients Will See Change November 1

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Food stamp recipients will soon get less money on their EBT cards. The benefits are changing for two reasons. One recipient thought his $113-drop was a mistake. WHNT NEWS 19 is taking action to help those already struggling understand what happens next month.

“You know every year, I have to apply or re-do the paper work you know. So, this time someone called me on the phone,” said Nicolae Herja.

The caller told Herja he was losing some of his food stamp money. Herja was used to buying $162 in groceries using his EBT card. He would soon adjust to having only $49.

“I said, gosh man, something is wrong. What`s really happening? So, I knew it was a mistake right away,” added Herja.

But, it wasn’t. A cost of living change actually increased food stamp benefits October first. Now, a 2009 law to raise benefits is set to expire November first.

“The way I see it, I just have to starve. It’s not bothering me to lose the weight.The problem is I am already sick,” added Herja.

Herja is disabled. The Romanian worked 23 years in the United States. He used to make 18,000 a year.

“Oh, that was good money. I mean, I was making all right. It was good enough for me. I come from a poor country you know,” added Herja.

Herja’s fridge reminds him of being back at home.

“There is not much, but I still have my eggs and a bunch of ketchup,” added Herja.

Food stamp benefits vary among all recipients. You can find out more about the pending changes and learn ways to help deal with them by clicking here.


  • angela. anderson

    Elderly are the only ones that deserve food stamps everyone else should get a job and stop whinning !!!!!

    • Margo

      There will always be slackers but the problem is there are not enough jobs for the people that do want to work. Meanwhile, the government is focused on spending money that we don’t have, driving us deeper into debt instead of focusing on how to create jobs which will generate tax revenue and prosperity. Republicans and democrats alike are to blame. Nearly all of the politicians were born with silver spoons in their mouth and have never been hungry, homeless or had to do without. They are all overpaid for the work they actually do and their salaries and benefits should be drastically cut. There’s a lot of people who want to work but there are not enough jobs and those of us who are working are expected by the government to support those who cannot find jobs.

  • megan

    I am disabled and so his my son and we can work and there is people out there that can work but just dont want to. I think people who are disabled could get the food stamps. And I will say this its hard to make $166.00 last a whole month. But I dont care if I eat or not as long has my son eats is all that matters. He comes first before anything. I think we all need to Pray to the good lord above to see if he can fix this issue.

  • megan

    * We can not work* I dont got so stuck on this issue I cant even think. There as got to be something that can be done about this. Can anyone find out why and how this has happened….

      • johnny

        Repugs, Demon-craps, they’re the same all around. They get 6 FIGURE incomes, that you and I pay for, FOR the Rest of their lives! While the common folk have to make sacrifices like this one. If we’re gonna slow spending….then it needs to start with them! Salary cap them at 65k. THIS should be the debate not dems or repugs.

      • bob

        James, the civil rights bill, was past by the republicans, Not the Al Gore SR. democrats, WHY, because the dems, wanted to hold black America back, just like they are doing today.

      • Jen Nyce

        Who told you republicans are in charge, that is the most ignorant statement I’ve heard in a while. The republicans would like to cut FRAUD!!! Are you in favor of fraud so ppl who need it have benefits reduced? Do a little research before you open your mouth. You obviously have no clue what’s going on. Obama wants more and more ppl relying on the govt to make him king and us at his mercy. They actively send ppl out to enroll ppl who don’t even need it as they do obamaphones. You are very frustrating and uninformed.

      • itsyourownfaultforbelievingthelies

        Really?? Blaming the Republicans again?? Go get your next orders from your Obamabot media and friends.

      • mark

        Megan, Republicans are NOT INCHARGE YOU FREAKING IDIOT! We have a Democrat President, A democrat senate and the republicans only control the house and only part of that! Get your info right this is all happening to move money over to pay for Obamacare! You stupid liberal idiot! You wanted Obama and democrats in office running things well you got it! have fun with it! because YOU FREAKING OWN IT!!!!!!!! you got what you wished for now all your libtabs and democrats can live with it. Congrats RIP America 1776-2008

      • Susan Kirsop

        It’s not just the Republicans. This food stamp money has to come from somewhere; it doesn’t just fall from the sky. Or are you going to provide for all these people not working??

      • Sean

        you are mentally deficient.. if you believe that the republicans are causing this you need to open your eyes.. your leader, king barry is destroying this country from the bottom and top.. he is in bed with the banks just like bush and cli nton.. they do not care about you or me.. they only need us to pay THEIR way..

    • Linda

      It has happened because we give too much money to fund other countries and support illegal aliens, while our own citizens suffer. At the same time, more and more Americans sign up for unemployment because their jobs are eliminated in budget cuts or because Obamacare rules have increased the cost of hiring full time employees. Also, disability income becomes easier to obtain…while we pass out free phones and phones service and bail out cities and businesses that have gone bankrupt with money we borrow from other countries. Either more people need to go to work and pay income taxes, money needs to start raining from the sky, or we need to cut back on expenses. Let’s vote for the politicians who will balance the budget and put America and our Citizens before other countries and their citizens.

  • Sue von Kamp

    Most ppl on food stamps are capable of working. I wonder why they get food stamps and then get free lunches and breakfast at school. Can you not get a jar of p-nut butter, jelly and a loaf of bread. My kids ate it and it was cheap. Free cereal and milk with food stamps. Make these lazy folks feed their own kids. Be responsible for the people you brought into this world

    • Alex

      I completely agree! It is frustrating to try to make ends meet on my income and sacrifices and turn around and see people with newer and better cars and free health insurance. They have a problem paying for school breakfast and lunch, even for book fees but they have a nice car, nice shoes, a cell phone for every member of the family and bring cupcakes to school. My sister in law once got lucky to stand behind someone talking in the checkout lane about how his daughter had to have her steaks!

  • Wake Up

    Sue, it is the Republicans that are digging in their heels to keep the sequestration spending levels. Those cuts are causing these types of events. It is only the Senate and the President that are keeping the Republicans from being even more draconian!

    • Bugeye

      There are a whole lot of cuts in government that can be cut and almost nobody would notice. The president is the one that wants the cuts to be in areas that will hurt the people the most.

    • Rick P

      You are ignorant.. There is no use even talking to a democrat,the republicans Try to do good things but have been blocked by Dems and Obama every time. O and the dems control the government right now, I am a registered Democrat (not for long)and am sick of what all parties are up to. Things started getting better undr Bush but he had to finish what daddy couldn’t do.. a war monger.. Clinton and his NAFTA, deal gave the rich CEO’s power to ship work to china and third world countries because the labor rates are cheap, CEO’s get rich while America starves.. Of course the farmers need to get work done so in come the illegal imigrants, because our kids are too lazy to go bail hay and do farm work.. Food stamp recipients that are able to work are abusing the system taking from those who really need it. It makes me sick to see people in line at store with A cart mounded over with junk food paying with food stamps and wearing fancy gold jewelery and driving a friggin Fancy SUV or sports car and in good enough shape to work But too lazy. I think they should drug test and reduce the amount even more all humans are able to work and should. ALL parties need reform,but quit blaming the other side and do the research and get real info before pointing fingers.

  • jo

    wake up, dems are pushing for gun control, war in syria, and HAVE forced everyone to be consumers of a certain product (goods), which, is not legal. We call this the ACA. Along with many more things…THIS is draconian acts.

    • Wake Up

      Jo, the highest court in the land (the U.S. Supreme Court) said that the ACA is constitutional. Interestingly, I never hear of people like you marching in the streets over the requirement to “buy” car insurance. Set aside your hatred for the President and look at things rationally.

      • rich

        the aca was changed to a tax so they could get it past the courts if you pay attention you would see this. car insurance is state by state and has nothing to do with the federal government. we the people are being screwed by our government

  • holly

    First of all i do work every day an yes i get foodstamps an to let u in on something ppl like u talking the crap about ppl not working it tinks me off because u dont know what is wrong with them or they have got laided off so really if u dont know about ppls .deal then keep ur month closed because i loooked for a job for a year an there was none everyone is not lazy but god will put u in place where u need to be stop talking about folks u dont know whats going on thanks

  • Jill

    There are some people on food stamps that can not work and earn enough money to feed their children. Some of these people worked hard for years, and then something an accident or a severe illness. They should not cut food stamp money. I do believe that they should have more checks and balances to determine eligibility. A very large percentage of people receiving food stamps are illegal immigrants. Our country needs to do something about controlling benefits to people who enter the country illegally. If we went into another country illegally, they would not give use assistance, they would boot us out of their country.

  • Bugeye

    Federal Government does demand you purchase care insurance through them. The Supreme Court stated that ACA as a tax was constitutional. That was a way for them to do this administrations bidding.

  • Daniel

    I have an older disabled friend who only gets about $640.00 a month from SS & SSA + $62.00 in food stamps . I have an idea , instead of sending billions of OUR tax dollars to the muslim brotherhood and a bunch of countrys who hate our guts , lets take care of our own ! I know its crazy , what was I thinking !

  • itsyourownfaultforbelievingthelies

    We are all slaves and some just don’t know it yet. The guy in charge of the administration has yet to take any sort of responsibility for the actions of the administration he created. If you can’t see that he is trying to destroy this country and weaken us you are blinded by the crap from having your head stuck where the sun don’t shine. It shouldn’t even be the responsibility of the state. People should be able to work and earn a living. People who have plenty should willingly help those less fortunate. The REPUBLIC we live in is being turned into a socialist state. The economy will never recover as we spend more than our GNP. It is only a matter of time before we default and that is thanks to OBummer, since he has taken office, this country has steadily plummeted. Our allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us, and people around the world regard the people in this country as stupid, lazy, selfish bullies. I am very disappointed in us. We could do better.

  • Clayton

    Wake up, you are so ignorant to reality, it would be a waste of time trying to explain facts to you. I recommend you stop repeating what you hear on MSNBC. If you honestly think the Democrats want to give people on government dependency programs more money, you need to read how Democratic congressmen and women have voted in the past thirty years on these issues. It’s morons like you that vote out of ignorance and cause us hardworking individuals to have to pay more money into a government that wastes most of it.

  • Ronert

    There are people that truly need and rely on their food stamps. At the same time there are a vast number of recipients that work the system. I’d venture to say that I could be dropped off in any metro area and within 24 hours I could purchase food stamps for .50 cents on the dollar. The fact is that all of our safety net programs are in peril and if we don’t do something to control the waste, fraud, and errant spending they are going to all come crashing down.

  • Sharrie

    God Please Help This Godless Country!! This country has the most Selfish, Jealous, Greedy, Lack of Love, Lack of Diligence In Concern or Care For Neighbors, Neighborhoods, Just Humanity Itself..
    This Country has become a joke, to the world and it isn’t all corporations, politicians, its also the heart of people, they have selfish, wicked, vain hearts, Very Few Comparable In This Country Look At Their Own Hearts, to try to serve anyone other than themselves, and we wonder why things are so bad,

    I get disgusted not only at those who take advantage of systems set in place to help but the even equal evil, is the hearts of the everyday people who really consider themselves to be good people but have no concern for none other than themselves..
    Without God and His Holy Spirit we are one lost country, cause humanity in the hearts of people are few and far between, Praise God for those who actually live what the Word of God says instead of just preaching it or using against others when they don’t even use it themselves, Truth Isn’t Always Pleasing To The Ears, But That Doesn’t Change Truth Nonetheless.. God Help Us All…

  • unhappy

    how about we quit complaining about who in washington is to blame !! the blame IS RIGHT HERE !! how about we quit giving the dope dealers food stamps and rental assistance and welfare checks why they are getting 300$ in food stamps cause they have 3 kids and LIVE with the dope selling father but don’t have to claim it cuase they aren’t married but sure enough drive around in nice cars with 2000$ rims on it .. and give it to some one who deserves it ( people who are the REASON these benefits were created ) why don’t we DRUG test anyone applying for government assistance i have to take a drug test to work for the taxes that pay for it ?? why don’t we quit encouraging people to keep spitting out kids that they won’t work for cause they get more welfare and food stamp money !!! and i feel people with school aged children shouldn’t get as much as some one with small children cause technically people with school aged children really only need breakfast and dinner at home ( and really could send them to school for breakfast and they would qualify for free meals for BOTH ) so all they would be responsible for at home is dinner and some snacks .. sorry that sounds cruel but its true !! its sad we hand out money to any one excpet the ones that need it !! i am a SINGLE mother and yeah i only work part time but i go to college FIVE DAYS A WEEK in attempt to better my life and make enough money to provide a good life for me and my child ! i work 20 hrs a week for 7.25 but i DO NOT qualify for food stamps becuase i go to school and it is a LUXURY that i do not need to do .. i pay a NORMAL rent at an apartment that a can BARELY afford and i rely on my friends and family to help em fill in the gaps with food just to feed my child !! so please tell me how girl A with 3 kids gets 600$ in food stamps but is FULLY CAPABLE of getting a job but just WONT and gets a free apartment in east acres !! we need to review the NEED for assistance in ALOT OF RECIPIENTS and drug test for ANY government assistance !!

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