Food Stamp Recipients Will See Change November 1

food stamps

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Food stamp recipients will soon get less money on their EBT cards. The benefits are changing for two reasons. One recipient thought his $113-drop was a mistake. WHNT NEWS 19 is taking action to help those already struggling understand what happens next month.

“You know every year, I have to apply or re-do the paper work you know. So, this time someone called me on the phone,” said Nicolae Herja.

The caller told Herja he was losing some of his food stamp money. Herja was used to buying $162 in groceries using his EBT card. He would soon adjust to having only $49.

“I said, gosh man, something is wrong. What`s really happening? So, I knew it was a mistake right away,” added Herja.

But, it wasn’t. A cost of living change actually increased food stamp benefits October first. Now, a 2009 law to raise benefits is set to expire November first.

“The way I see it, I just have to starve. It’s not bothering me to lose the weight.The problem is I am already sick,” added Herja.

Herja is disabled. The Romanian worked 23 years in the United States. He used to make 18,000 a year.

“Oh, that was good money. I mean, I was making all right. It was good enough for me. I come from a poor country you know,” added Herja.

Herja’s fridge reminds him of being back at home.

“There is not much, but I still have my eggs and a bunch of ketchup,” added Herja.

Food stamp benefits vary among all recipients. You can find out more about the pending changes and learn ways to help deal with them by clicking here.


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