Taking Action Report Update: Wildlife Alliance Submitted Proposals for Changes to Species Ban

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There is an update to a Taking Action report we brought you about the fate of seven species of wild animals in Alabama.

In September, conservation officials ordered wildlife rehabbers to stop treating and start euthanizing seven species of animal.

Those include raccoons, possums, skunks, fox, coyote, bats and feral pigs.

Representatives from both sides met Monday, October 21, in Montgomery and say it was a productive meeting.   They're working together to make changes everyone can agree on.

Fred Harders, Assistant to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Director, said the two sides established common ground.

He expects more discussions in the future.

The Alabama Wildlife Alliance issued a statement saying "...the meeting was cordial and the agency was receptive to working cooperatively to explore best practices to serve the wildlife and citizens of the state in an effective partnership".

During Monday's meeting, members of the Wildlife Alliance submitted proposals to the DCNR to take several of the animals off the species ban list and make other changes to the rehabber permit rules.

DCNR officials confirm they are reviewing the proposals and say they expect to make a decision on them before the end of the year.