Toxicology Results Pending in Wreck That Killed 2 on Martin Road

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville Police have released more information about the driver of a car accused of hitting and killing two people on Martin Road last week.

The driver of the white BMW, Michael Deon Draper, is not charged with a crime at this time. Toxicology tests are pending on Draper.  Police say it generally takes up to six months to get those results back.

Draper’s car swerved and hit a black Ford early Friday morning on Martin Road at Jamar Circle, near Zierdt.

Two young men died as a result of the wreck. Dezmond Dennis, 20, was a passenger in the black vehicle.  The driver, Andres Gentry, 22, was rushed to Huntsville Hospital where he died during surgery.

Draper, 32, was taken to Huntsville Hospital, in critical condition.  Police say Draper has said he saw an animal run into the road and swerved to miss it, then hit the other car head-on.  Draper was eastbound on Martin Road and Gentry’s car was westbound.

These two cars were involved in the wreck.

These two cars were involved in the wreck. Dezmond Dennis and Andres Gentry were in the black vehicle.  Both died.  Police say the driver of the white vehicle, Michael Deon Draper, has toxicology tests pending. (Photos: David Schmidt/WHNT News 19)

Dezmond Dennis was better known as ‘Dez.’ He recently played football for Bob Jones High School.  His funeral is Tuesday.

Friday, his former teammates gathered for a prayer on the practice field before boarding buses to travel to Decatur for their game. Head coach Kevin Rose says Dennis was “an all-around great guy who gave 100 percent and earned the respect of his teammates and coaches.”


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