Lawsuit Filed to Stop Local Wind Energy Project

Posted on: 4:55 pm, October 25, 2013, by , updated on: 04:56pm, October 25, 2013

LEESBURG, Ala. (WHNT)– A lawsuit has been filed in Cherokee County to stop a wind energy project.  The proposed wind turbines would be built on the lower end of Lookout Mountain near the Cherokee-DeKalb-Etowah county lines.

Six to eight wind turbines would be built just outside of the Cherokee Rock Village park, popular with campers across North Alabama.

“It is not environmentally friendly,” said Ginny Shaver, one of the litigants in the case. “To install these turbines will require clearing of the entire top of the mountain ridge.  And to blast and drill into the rock.”

Shaver has a home at the bottom of the mountain.   She says she has no desire to look up and see a once pristine landscape covered in wind turbines several hundred feet tall covering the ridge.

“This is our little piece of heaven in Alabama and our retreat,” she said.

The lawsuit is filed against Pioneer Green Energy based in Texas.  A spokesperson for the company told our news partners at they disagree with the lawsuit.

They plan to build the wind turbines, including several dozen in Etowah County, and sell the energy to TVA.   A lawsuit has also been filed in Etowah County.

“It’s all about the money.  It’s all about the tax credits.  The subsidies.  Selling these production tax credits on the Chicago Climate Exchange,” said Shaver.


  • patsy whitehead says:

    And they don’t give a hoot about Alabamian’s feelings on our beautiful landscapes that we enjoy looking at and all of the wild life that live in the area. We have a natural beauty and want to keep it that way…NATURAL. The cost is to high if it means destroying even one rock or tree.

  • Bob says:

    Screw these wind turbine freaks.

  • hoss says:

    would you rather have a nuke plant or wind turbines

  • Jim M says:

    They could paint them green..

  • rocketgirl says:

    What we are not told about is the constant noise they make and how loud it is when they are running, repairs, what happens if they catch on fire, shadows casts that affect eye sight and many other physical changes inside people, changes in climate and affects on local animals, so many things. There is a special on PBS and NOVA about Wind Turbines being placed and located close to where people live and the effects it is having on communities that allowed the turbines to be placed there. Just google Wind Turbines Damage – Lawsuits, etc to learn more.

  • rocketgirl says:

    Learn more by checking out PBS and NOVA reports on Wind Turbines, Lawsuits and damage to many local communities who opted to have them installed. Noise levels, shadows cast constantly, fires, repairs, more than we are told.

  • Tom Stacy says:

    The wind industry does not give a hoot about anything except their growth rate and profit margin. They blatantly and knowingly mislead the public in order to access our tax dollars. To me that is fraud. People who commit and propagate fraud should be in prison.

  • Stephen giles says:

    They take off mountain tops for coal…they tried to take away part of the talledega national forest to drill for gas …pick your poison. Or stop using electricity.

  • They take entire mountain tops for coal and they tried to give away part of talledega national forest to drill for gas. I live in etowah co. And I can see lookout mountain those turbines aren’t any uglier than those fine homes I see. Besides I live less than a mile from an Alabama power coal fired plant. Nobody asked me if I like it. Pick your poison or stop using electricity.

  • The lawsuit mentioned in this article was partially plagiarized from a losing lawsuit against a wind farm in Texas in 2005. Read more here:

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