Grissom Parents, Students Raise Concerns About School Fights

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Students returned to Grissom High School on Friday, one day after a fight that caused a lot of concern for parents.

Several parents called and emailed WHNT News 19 on Thursday, saying multiple fights took place.  We also heard this from students.

We took these concerns to Huntsville City Schools.  Spokesperson Keith Ward said it was one fight that broke out after the school’s homecoming pep rally on Thursday morning.

We also asked Huntsville Police about what happened.  They also say it was one fight.


  • You-know-who says:

    Both the Junior and Senior class were in the wrong during the pep rally.

  • Bob boyer says:

    I have a daughter who attends Grissom and she has said it was several fights throughout the day. She also mentioned that very few students attended the school today (Friday) due to fears of increased violence or students bringing guns to school.

    • Grissom Senior says:

      Hello, I am a Grissom student. The reason half of my class didn’t show up today is because pajama day was cancelled. Nothing else. That is all.

    • Patrick says:

      Hope those guns weren’t FINGER guns, or 1/4 eaten pop tart guns. Those can cause mass panic in students, causing them emotional problems, and needing counseling right away.

  • l says:

    There were several fights lasting all day long and even one after school in the parking lot across from the school, where the police station is and not one police officer came outside. A girl mixed up in the fight “during the pep rally” has a broken jaw and nose.

  • You-know-who says:

    I attend school here, Both the Juniors and Seniors were wrong on their part. The juniors should not have started booing us and said Seniors suck during our “Senior 14″ chant. And the seniors should have acted mature and not have responded with Juniors suck and booed them. Both were wrong and now the whole school is paying for stupid decisions.

  • A Milliage says:

    My daighter attends Grissom as well and she stated that the school was on lock down from 5th period to the end of the day. They were not permitted to go into the halls and some homecoming activities have been cancelled because of the incident.

    • suzanne says:

      The water was out for maybe an hour and the students were not allowed to go to the restroom because they were working on the water. Teenagers are not the best historians.

  • John Thomas says:

    It was a lock out like a tardy check. I am a student at grissom. I was a front office aide and we had parents calling. Mr. Coln just made mistake. He said lockout though. If you were late to class you had to go to the AV room. We couldn’t use the bathroom because a pipe busted. But that was fixed by 6th period. I heard there were multiple fights. But not all were because of the pep rally incident.

  • John Thomas says:

    I am a Grissom student. We were not on lock down. We had a lock out where if you were late to class you were locked out and you had to go to the AV room. Mr. Coln just made a mistake. Mrs. Kalange later made announcement explaining it was not a lock down because we had a lot of parent calls in the front office. I am an office aid 5th period and that’s when the calls started. Homecoming isn’t cancelled. And I’m not sure if there were multiple fights. I heard that some of them weren’t about the pep rally. This was just blown completely blown out of proportion.

  • john says:

    Why has there been very limited news of this???

    • Shonda says:

      Because it is Grissom. I like how they try to down play it to 1 fight but the students are reporting several. If this was Butler or Johnson, you would know who, what, when, where, how and why. By the end of the story you would have names and total number of fights. Wow.

  • A Milliage says:

    They are trying to make the incident seem like it was not big deal….my daughter is a student there ans she said it was way bigger than they are saying…

  • john says:

    So what actually happened? I have not even heard of this until today. I did not see in anywhere on

  • joe kool says:

    Limited news coverage on a fight a Grissom? Noooo, you don’t say!

  • Jlynn says:

    I do attend grissom and I am a sophomore there. There were multiple fights. I have heard about 13 of them. People did get sent to the hospital, and no we were not on a LOCKDOWN! It was a tardy lockout. People who were late to class got sent to a study hall. It was bad and the news is just trying to cover it all up because of our principle.

  • yOU-KNOW WHO says:

    My daughter also attends Grissom and she stated as well that there were multiple fights that started after a pep-rally. According to her the seniors were doing a senior chant and the juniors starting saying not a not phrase about the seniors. Then the juniors started chanting and the seniors started saying the same not nice phrase about the juniors. The seniors started throwing water ballons but the junior were throwing bottles. Yes bottles. One almost hit here. She told me when she got home that there were multiple fights and even told me the locations of the fights. One of her friends that she has had in several classes even got her face messed up according to my daughter. How can several students that were there at the time say that there were several fights and Keith Ward who was not there at the time say that there was one. Even the police officer said there was just one but he just probably responded to 1 of the fights. Thats why he stated just 1 fight. There were more that happened that he was not aware of or did not respond to. This is the same school that 1-2 years ago the first week of school a bunch of seniors got in trouble for throwing water ballons with rocks in them. Something has to be done about this. Thank goodness my daughter is graduating this year.

  • Chris says:

    I am a grissom student. There where 13 fights, two of which I saw personally. Apparently it was sparked by Juniors not following the Spirit Week tradition of wearing brown, but arbitrarily decided to all wear black instead. The more traditional Seniors where bothered by this, and immediately after the pep rally some confrontations arose, and just spread throughout the school. By the second half of 4th period teachers where told over the intercom to stand out in the halls and monitor everyone and not allow any late students in.

  • Alex says:

    I am a Grissom student. I only saw two as well. I don’t know whether or not the other 11 happened. And as to why a bunch of students didn’t show up today, it is not because they are scared. For the most part, people didn’t come to school because they cancelled pajama day. As immature as it seems, we do love pajamas enough that we decided to revolt.

  • Michael Kewl says:

    Huntsville’s increasing violent crime wave involves our public schools too as a segment of our society will never conform to the rules & laws of civilizied conduct.

  • Laura says:

    Fighting over what colors to wear to school? Ridiculous!

  • Anonymous says:

    My so also attends Grissom. He said that he saw 4 fights. He also said the same about the lockout. My mother said she saw a little tidbit about the incident on the 6 o’clock news. I tried to find information on it but couldn’t find anything. My son also stated that some of the kids were nervous about other fights breaking out that day and wanted to leave. From what he has told me, this was a bigger incident that what is being told.

  • mama bear says:

    My son is senior at Grissom. He saw two fights – one at the front stairwell and the other in the C-Pod hallway. Perhaps Huntsville City Schools should clarify their definition of a “fight”. Was there was only one incident severe enough to be classified as a “fight” by Huntsville City Schools?

  • Sandy Lane says:

    There will be more about this!!! I will make sure of it!! My Daughter is the one who got jumped by several girls and also a guy!!! She is a great student and has attended South Huntsville schools from start to now as a senior… I may be forced to move her to another school for her own safety!!! I just bought her class ring with “2014″ and Grissom Cheerleader on it… Not Cheap for a single mom. Please let me know if you have any information about the girls who jumped her!! Need as much facts as possible!! Please!! My little girl was kicked, she has long hair so her hair was pulled, she was punched and pilled up on by many girls… She had finally gotten into fetal patisition to try and protect herself!! I am very, very upset about this and I will not let this slide!!! They can Rest assure of that!!

  • GIFTED says:


    • Actually no, I don’t think it would have been in the news if it was a Johnson. The Superintendent needs to show that the schools on the North end are safer than they were before the year before. Incidents there get covered up all the time. They attempted to cover up this incident with Grissom too.

  • Sandy Lane says:

    There will be more about this!!! I will make sure of it!! My Daughter is the one who got jumped by several girls and also a guy!!! She is a great student and has attended South Huntsville schools from start to now as a senior… I may be forced to move her to another school for her own safety!!! I just bought her class ring with “2014″ and Grissom Cheerleader on it… Not Cheap for a single mom. Please let me know if you have any information about the girls who jumped her!! Need as much facts as possible!! Please!! My little girl was kicked, she has long hair so her hair was pulled, she was punched and pilled up on by many girls… She had finally gotten into fetal patisition to try and protect herself!! I am very, very upset about this and I will not let this slide!!! They can Rest assure of that!! Thanks… Sandy Lane

  • frustrated says:

    My child attends Grissom and it is my understanding there were in excess of ten fights though out the day. In addition, I was told by a TEACHER that it was a riot within the school. Not only were there fights but the seniors where throwing ice and balloons filled with ??? Not only do I feel the school is covering it up, they are teaching these children you do not have to be accountable for your actions. I was also told a news station was there to witness all of this. I don’t know if that’s true though.

    • Chris says:

      It never got to the extent of a riot, Im not sure what teacher told you that. But there where 13, and there where water balloons thrown at the pep rally, but there wasn’t ever any ice in them. {It least the ones that landed near me. Could have been cold water, though..}}

  • I have warned the folks on the South end that what this administration is doing to the north end is NOT isolated. The South needs to get involved and stand UNITED with the parents on the north because the lack of transparency and unwritten policies that this board has in place DOES affect you too!! I am so sorry that the kids at Grissom have experienced this…no child should feel frightened or unsafe at school. But these cover ups and halve truths will not stop if we don’t speak out! On May 16th of last year Butler was on lock down for 2 1/2 hours because of several serious fights. There were many marked and unmarked cars and police everywhere. I contacted each news station to tell them and not one covered it…not one even called back. The Butler students were talking before the board that very evening about safety concerns…and they STILL didn’t cover it!! It was a story that not only needed to be told but they had an obligation to cover it and they failed. It is my understanding that the police don’t even have that incident on the books, I don’t know that for a fact though because no one will talk to me about it. PARENTS…let this incident at Grissom be a wake up call….we need change NOW before an incident happens that changes some young lives forever. If that happens all of us will have dirt on our hands for looking the other way and not asking questions and demanding the proper actions to remedy it. We will ALL be guilty.

  • frustrated says:

    I think “riot” was just a term that was used for lack of a better one.The school and a senior admitted the ice being thrown and I also know this because my child received an injury due to the ice hitting her. I am glad you did not get assaulted with the ice.

  • victor dubose says:

    My daughter saw multiple fights and was forced by teachers to take a roundabout route back to her class due to the fights. It is sad that the schools are trying to keep everyone in the dark about this tragic event. it is even sadder that our local news media is participating in the cover up.

  • Jim M says:

    Well, Seniors fighting juniors over not wearing brown to spirit day and throwing water filled balloons.. Sounds pretty petty to me. 10-14 fights, lets qualify what they did. Was it just people shoving people around due to the wearing of the wrong shirts and people getting hit by water balloons..Well if that is all that was going on, all people would have to do is mind their own business and not get involved and they would leave you alone. It sounds like the black shirt wearing juniors just wanted to cause a problem. If it were major like they say there would of been arrests for assault etc. Sounds like petty lockeroom antics to me..

  • Donna Bailes says:

    The students have never been treated the same as the north end of town students. I know this as a fact. Years ago my family sold Christmas trees in Hayesland Square on south Pkwy. One night a real bad fight broke out. We called the police. They came and told them all to go home. My father in law asked them why they didn’t take them to jail. They were all minors drinking alcohol and fighting, and if that had been on the north end where we lived every single on of them would have been arrested. The officers response… You are right. But on the south end it wouldn’t do any good. The parents are richer and would just bail them out within the hour. Our response was if they had to do it enough maybe they would see there was a problem.

  • Sam says:

    I go to Grissom, and the whole thing was blown out of proportion. Some idiots puffed out there chests and fought, but the rumors spread way out of control. There was no threat of guns or anything, and people over reacted. Most people didn’t have any reason to be worried. Lesson is don’t believe most of the stuff you hear in the heat of the moment.

  • Concerned says:

    Several students have stated to me throughout the weekend that there were definitly more than the “one” fight that was reported by the administration. One girl was hurt and others banged up a bit. My son was witness to two fights himself and was treated quite rough by security personnel due to the fact that he was close to one incident when it was started but was in no way involved. I’m quite concerned by the rose-colored glasses the new Grissom school administration seems to be wearing. I’m told the incidents were started by girls from other underperforming schools attending Grissom but that students from the Grissom district are being punished for publically stating what occured. How can we trust our students are being taught and cared for properly when the administration seems to want to perpetuate an appearance that no issues exist? Very frustrated and concerned!

  • Grissom Junior says:

    I am a student at Grissom. I am a junior. But I’m in the band so I was not in the stands. The juniors and seniors in the stands were being very disrespectful towards each other, especially juniors. We saw the water balloons come out that the seniors were throwing at the juniors, so we (the band) left right after we finished tiger rag. When I was heading back to class through the cafeteria, i was told to go another way because there were already multiple fights. I was terrified that I was going to get hurt since I am a junior.
    There was not just one fight. There are people who have the injuries to prove this and saying otherwise is unfair to those injured and to those who started these fights should be punished. Over the past week I haven’t seen any punishments for those that were in the wrong last Thursday.

  • Concerned in 35802 says:

    Are you saying this was a black/white girl fight in which one person was hospitalized and no expulsions or assault charges filed? There’s got to be more to this story…

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