Arlington National Cemetery Offers “Explorer” App

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Image Credit: U.S. Army

Are you or a family member planning a trip to Arlington National Cemetery? Know someone who’d like to explore the historic cemetery without leaving home? Check out the ANC Explorer tool.

Arlington National Cemetery developed ANC Explorer – an application available across common web browsers and on mobile devices – to help veterans, family members and the public explore Arlington’s history and popular sites.

The ANC Explorer allows users to browse gravesite events as well as points of interest – including notable graves, monuments and memorial trees.

The digital tool also lets users to generate front and back photos of a headstone or monument and get directions to those locations – making it easier to plan a trip in advance or get up close and personal with the sites without visiting at all.

In the future, ANC Explorer plans to offer features like emergency and event notifications, restroom and water fountain locations, shuttle stops and self-guided tours.

Kiosks for accessing the ANC Explorer are available for public use in the Cemetery’s Welcome Center and in several additional locations.

Click to launch ANC Explorer in your web browser, or to learn more about the app for both Android and Apple devices.