USA Today: Alabama Tops List of Most Beloved Fan Bases in College Football

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Naturally, every college football fan base thinks it’s the best and its team is the top team, win or lose.

Each one is great in its own way but the true test is how deep the fan base goes.

USA Today came up with a list of the top 5 college football fan bases in the nation:

1. Alabama – A college team steeped in tradition touting a winning record with fan bases that grow with each generation.

2. Oklahoma – After seven decades of nearly unstoppable excellence, the fans continue to stick it out with the team through a dry spell or two.

3. LSU – The fans are ranked as some of the loudest in all of college football.

4. Nebraska – Every game has been sold out since 1962.

5. Texas A&M – Kyle Field has the largest student section in the country. Fans are so devoted they stand the entire game. As long as the team is on the field, there is no sitting in the stands.

Honorable mentions (a short list done alphabetically): Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Kansas State, Michigan, Mississippi, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin.

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      • John Hatcher

        That’s my team…RTR! I want to see them score every point they make. I DGAS if the score is 92-0. There ain’t no better place in college football to spend Saturday than the Capstone. But St.Nic has us a little spoiled right now and folks forget about Al struggling for some years.That’s the last thing we need is to get cocky. Better to stay, and enjoy watching a good football team and take it all in.

    • Renae

      They do go….who wants to stay when you are winning 35-0 at halftime against a team that has no chance of scoring??

  • Michael Kewl

    Did you see the investigative PBS report on college football, featuring Tennessee & Alabama’s recruiting HO’stesses? You will never go to their games again for what they are doing to women..

  • Dylan

    its pure respect bro. im a bama fan and a student here. im a sophomore and ive stayed the whole game every time i went. ive only missed 3 home games the whole time ive been. i do believe that we should stay and support the team throughout the whole game. a 35-0 game at halftime means you get to see future playmakers, instead of wonderin how they got there a year later

  • Allan

    Are they talking about the same beloved fans that nearly became extinct during the Shula era? Worst of the “fair weather” fans by far. Believe me, I’ve lived here long enough to know.

  • ericdfloyd

    lol…. are you talking about the fair weather fan base that ticket demand still led to a stadium expansion during the Shula years?

    As long as we are clear, I thought you might be mistaking Alabama for that other team in state that can never sell all their season tickets without Alabama on the schedule as a home game… even in the best of times under Tubberville. Even though they hold 20k less people in Jerdan Hare.

    But let’s not let facts get in the way of ridiculous comments.

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