Warm Ranch, Half Eaten Food in Fridge

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Cheeburger Cheeburger at 5000 Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville: Score of 84

  • Food items were held at 52F-64F (sliced cheeses, sauces-horseradish, thousand island, ranch) in the top of the make-table-reach-in-cooler). Beyond 4 hour limit/with no time temperature documentation.

Akshar Discount Food Mart at 14 AL Hwy 168 in Douglas:  Score of 76

  • Inside of ice maker and flour sifter needed to be cleaned.
  • Chicken fingers at 125 degrees.
  • Half-eaten personal food container in freezer with facility foods.

Golden Spoons:

  • James Clemens High School at 11306 County Line Rd. in Madison: Score of 99
  • Brookhill Elementary School at 320 Brookhill Dr. in Athens: Score of 99

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