Power Carver For Pumpkins a Deal

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - I wasn’t very good at carving pumpkins. And when I was a kid, I think carving pumpkins struck my parents as wasting food.

We didn’t have many pumpkins carved for Halloween down in Hartselle.

But I digress…

There is a pumpkin carving tool called the Power Carver.  The Power Carver cost $9.99 and is powered by four AA batteries.   It has a button that activates the Power Carver and then it works like a tiny hedge trimmer.

I bought a fairly good-sized pumpkin … a little bigger than basketball and drew a face on it.

The Power Carver wasn’t exactly laser-guided. My touch wasn’t that good.  But the Power Carver did cut out a pretty good face in my pumpkin.

It’s not exactly a sturdy piece and I wouldn’t let a kid use it. But it does what it claims to do!

I would make the Power Carver a Deal. It cost $9.99.


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