Breastfeeding Mom Cited For Contempt Of Court, Judge Explains Decision

Image Credit: MGN Online

Image Credit: MGN Online

A breastfeeding mother called up for jury duty has reportedly been cited for contempt of court after bringing her 7-month-old son along with her.

Kansas City television station KCTV reports the judge who issued the citation, Jackson County Circuit Judge Marco Roldan, has “refused to discuss his specific citation” but said that “under Missouri law, potential jurors must do their civic duty even if they are breastfeeding.”

Trickle was cited in September after she brought her son, Axel to the courthouse. Now she could have to pay up to a $500 fine. 

Trickle’s story has spread quickly across the web, showing up on news websites like The Blaze and The Daily Beast. Comments show many mothers are outraged and some groups have reportedly vowed to raise money to cover Trickle’s fine.

According to KCTV, Kansas law provides “an exemption for breastfeeding mothers but Missouri does not” and “court records show Trickle received several postponements,” where she presumably could have arranged for childcare.

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