WHNT Anniversary: How Sports Was Done in the 1970s

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)--As WHNT News 19 continues to celebrate 50 years of broadcasting, we thought we would look back at the way we used to do sports.

The clip above is from a WHNT sportscast that originally aired on October 13, 1975.  The anchor is Jim Bonds.   You'll also see that many of the teams he mentions are still dominating sports today.

In the days before video, TV stations used film to show news stories.  But film was cumbersome.  It would have to be developed before airing and edited actually using razor blades.   In the clip above you'll notice the anchor mainly reading the stories with only one film clip in the entire sportscast.

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  • Kenneth Preston

    First to tell you that i first moved in Boaz,Alabama in 1996 from Chicago. so this is one of the earliest clips from WHNT that i’ve been dying to learn about. why are’nt there any KINESCOPES of the earliest days of WHNT?

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