Linqapp Makes Navigating A New Language Easier

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If you’re someone who travels a lot for work or play, you’ll appreciate how difficult it can sometimes be to navigate a foreign country without knowing the native language.

Linqapp aims to make that a lot easier, offering text, photo and audio communications between users. It’s a pretty simple concept. Ask a question and a push notification goes to users fluent in the language you’re inquiring about. A points-rewards system encourages those users to respond with accurate answers.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the ways Linqapp helps you to connect with others and solve your language dilemmas:

– Snap a picture or record an audio clip and ask any question about it

– Get direct assistance from native speakers for any language question

– Get high quality human-powered translations

– Find a language exchange partner

– Easily find people in your vicinity or around the world who speak your new language and contact them right away

Linqapp is currently available for Android with an iOS version coming soon.