Decatur City Leaders Consider Making Ice Complex a Dual Use Facility

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Decatur city leaders are looking for ways to keep costs down.  One option on the table is to scale back the city's ice complex. But supporters and users of the ice complex don't like that idea at all. WHNT News 19 lets you hear from both sides.

Jean Paradise is a figure skater and hockey mom. Paradise is also the president of the Point Mallard Figure Skating Club and wants the ice complex to stay open.

"Figure skating and hockey are year round sports,” says Paradise. “You have to stay conditioned and in shape."

Paradise and other club members went to Monday’s meeting to get answers from City Council President Gary Hammon.

Hammon told them in the 2013 fiscal year, the ice complex cost $506,000 to operate and only brought in $334,000. That's why Decatur Mayor Don Kyle is proposing the ice rink reduce its operating times.

“Seeing that it seems to be a seasonal type thing during the winter months, we’re considering going to a 4-5 months season for the ice to be frozen," explains Kyle.

Under the new proposal, the rink would be open from October 1st to March 1st. Mayor Kyle says ideally, when the ice complex is not in use, they'd like to put flooring where the ice typically is. That way, the facility can be used a conference center to accommodate several hundred people at one time.

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  • steve k

    It stunned me that we installed an ice rink and any fool could tell you it would not pay for itself. In the mean time the City’s maintenance keeps getting cut and the weeds and drainage areas keep getting worse!
    – but wait; at least we have a new Arts building. What’s the occupancy rate of that BS item?

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