Apple’s Tuesday iPad Event: What To Expect

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The countdown is on to Apple’s iPad event Tuesday and industry insiders already have a good idea of what we should expect.

The invitation to the San Francisco, CA gathering dropped at least one hint with the tag line “we still have a lot to cover” and CNET Senior Writer Josh Lowensohn thinks that’s a direct reference to the Smart Cover.

“Apple hasn’t really changed the Smart Cover in two years,” Lowensohn said. “We’re… expecting new colors. They’re not going to… [add] things that make it more of a laptop.”

The full-sized iPad is expected to get a makeover with slimmer sides. The iPad mini? A possible Retina Display. There’s also the chance that Apple will port over a popular iPhone feature to the iPad line.

“The big unknown,” Lowenshon explained, “Is whether it’ll have same Touch ID tech that lets you sign-in and bypass your password with just your fingerprint.”

So what won’t we see? Rumors that a larger-sized 13″ iPad might be in the works, probably won’t pan out. It’s also unlikely we’ll see an iWatch debut, despite other competitors jumping into the smartwatch game with gusto.

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