New Bicycle Safety Program Urges Cyclists to ‘See and Be Seen’


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – ‘See and Be Seen.’  That’s the motto of a bicycling awareness campaign that’s sweeping the country.

Here in Huntsville, local cyclists are hoping to increase public awareness about cycling, improve cyclist safety, and try to get the Rocket City to be a bicycle-friendly community.

Organizers say it’s not just about drivers recognizing bicyclists as “road traffic” — but it’s also about cyclists making sure they are taking precautions to share the road safely.

“Part of this campaign is ‘See And Be Seen’.  See bicycles on the road as traffic and be seen, that’s the message to the bicyclists, to wear the brightest clothes and to wear lights and be seen on the road,” said Jamie Miernik.

‘See And Be Seen’ is funded through a grant from the Alabama Department of Transportation and the support of local bicycle advocates like the City of Huntsville’s Bicycle Advisory and Safety Committee.


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