UPDATE: Lincoln County Murders Suspects Plead Not Guilty, Trials Set

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) - The two suspects in a string of murders that occurred in Lincoln County in October 2012 both pleaded have pleaded not guilty now murder trials have been set.

*Editors Note: Some of the details below are graphic in nature.

Henry Lee Burrell, 36, of Fayetteville, Tenn. and Zakkawanda Zawumba Moss, 35, of New Market, Ala. were each indicted on six counts of first-degree murder in May 2013.  They have both pleaded not guilty to those charges.

They are charged in connection to the murders of Amber McCaulley, Chabreya Campbell and her unborn child, and Campbell's 1-year-old son, Rashad Ragland.  They were found dead in a home in Lincoln County on October 22, 2012.  That same evening, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to 4 Fox Wood Drive in Fayetteville and found the body of Jessica Leigh Brown, 22.  Her 2-month-old baby was not harmed.

Henry Burrell (Photo: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office)

Henry Burrell (Photo: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office)

According to testimony in court Tuesday, forensics revealed that Campbell was strangled in the bathroom, and that the 18-month-old was stomped to death in a hallway.  The state plans to introduce more than 600 photos and call more than 150 witnesses during trial.

Warren Vincent Crutcher, 24, was found dead the next day in Hazel Green.  He lived at both Fayetteville homes where the Tennessee victims were because he had children with Campbell and Brown.

Burrell was appointed a public defender on Tuesday, who requested a speedy trial.  The public defender also requested extra security be put in place for the duration of the trial and that the venue be moved.

Defense attorney's for Moss filed nearly 20 motions in the case. Circuit Judge Andy Myrick said he would rule on the motions during a special pretrial hearing October 21.

Zakkawanda Zawumba Moss, 35, of New Market, Ala. faces 6 murder charges. (WHNT)

Zakkawanda Zawumba Moss, 35, of New Market, Ala. faces 6 murder charges. (WHNT)

The Lincoln County District Attorney told WHNT that they have been working very hard to win this case, even though the time-table has been moving "quickly."

Stay tuned to WHNT News 19 for the latest information on this case.

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