Special Art Class for Elkmont High School Students

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Students in Limestone County are getting exposed to something different. Sixty high school students got a chance to participate in a special art class.

Rhonda Hall is a bookkeeper at Elkmont High School. She's also an art lover, but she didn't discover it until later in life.

"I wish I had done this when I was younger," says Hall. "That's the reason I started doing this."

Hall started a special art class for students at Elkmont. It's a one day class held at the Elkmont Fire Department. The students learn to paint using oil on canvas. This year, it's a fall foliage theme. Art isn't offered at the school, so the class is a treat.

Hall started the art class 7 years ago. Whether it's just for fun that day or a skill they continue for years, Hall says she just wants to give kids the chance.

"I just want them to know that anybody can paint," says Hall. "There will be some that will make a career out of this."

The students have to apply to be a part of the art class by submitting a short essay explaining why they want to participate. This year, over 100 students applied. Hall says a committee selected 60.