Madison County Intersection Frustrates Drivers

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - It's the intersection of Wayne Road and Ole Monrovia Road in Madison County. It's generally always busy as drivers on Ole Monrovia use Wayne as a short cut to Huntsville's University Drive.   The problem with the intersection is the right turn that drivers on Old Monrovia have to make on to Wayne.  As you turn right, you have to go down a steep hill, and turn at a sharp angle.  For just a moment the turning drivers can't see anything. "You have to get out in the other lane some, so it a car is a little over, it's gonna get hit," says driver Bobby Cole.

Drivers making a right turn off Ole Monrovia often do swing wide as they make the blind downhill turn.  Repeatedly you can watch close calls as turning drivers almost clip cars on Wayne Road, who are waiting to turn on to Ole Monrovia. "Somebody is going to get hit right in that corner," says Bobby Cole.

Another problem created by the tough right turn off Old Monrovia, drivers who know the intersection often come to a stop before they make the turn.  That's trouble when multiple vehicles are following. You can almost always hear the squeal of brakes as drivers try to avoid rear ending other vehicles.

To be fair, Madison County has made efforts in the past to help the intersection, but asphalt added to make Wayne Road wider is crumbling, and the tight turn itself has been worn down by drivers who went off the road surface and bottomed out.

For drivers who use it regularly, this is not an intersection to like. "Oh No, I don't like it. It really needs to be fixed says Bobby Cole.

We're taking action and making sure Madison County officials understand just how frustrating the intersection is.