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CNN Shutdown Poll: Plenty of blame for all

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Image Credit: MGN Online

The majority of Americans think the government shutdown is causing a crisis or at least, major problems for the country.

That’s according to a new national CNN/ORC International survey, which indicates slightly more people are angry at Republicans than Democrats or President Barack Obama for the shutdown.

Both political sides though, are taking a hit. Conducted over the weekend, this most recent poll was released on Monday, nearly aweek into the partial shutdown. The shutdown originated over a push by tea party-backed GOP lawmakers trying to dismantle or defund the Affordable Care Act.

According to the poll, 63% of those questioned say they are mad at Republicans for the way they’ve handled the shutdown. Democrats too are taking some blame.

“Fifty-seven percent of Americans are also angry at the way the Democrats are dealing with the shutdown. And a 53% majority say they are also angry at President Obama,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “It looks like there is more than enough blame to go around and both parties are being hurt by the shutdown.”

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  • Gail

    Does the President thinks this situation is funny. Every time I see him he is smiling like this is a funny and he is glad the government is in this predicament. We should lay the blame for all this at the source, “The President”. He was elected to do what is best for the people of the United States’ which he has not done. He is using his health care bill, which we did not want, as a crutch to stand on and he is failing the citizens of the United States completely. It my be a joke to him but it is not a joke to the American people. I am thankful we finally have someone with enough backbone to stand up to the president and put a stop to his foolishness. The senate needs to man up and do what is best for the people who voted them into office. Sadly our President is not for the people of the United States and I pray God will help him to see what he is doing to the United States before it is to late.

    • Oblio

      What’s funny is the tea party denial of responsibility. They are the ones with the anti-government rhetoric. But now they claim they don’t want to shut it down. Its a lie, they do want to shut it down. And the regular republicans are too whipped to call a vote to fund the government for laws ALREADY PASSED by Congress.

      But indeed, lets pray to God that everyone sees the evil of health insurance for poor people. Jesus would have been shocked, wouldn’t he? Being such an advocate of the rich as he was.

  • Wake Up

    So sad. The Republicans had so much potential — until they were taken over by the Tea Party! They will still be strong in places like Alabama, but Alabama is just one small state in the whole United States of America. The Republicans are well on their way to being just a regional power and not a national power!

  • Stephanie Watson

    The Democrats did negotiate, they negotiated away a lot of things to get the budget they were passing. ACA is law, there is nothing to compromise on that at this point. It’s the law. This shutdown has been planned by the GOP for months at the hands of the Koch brothers. If the GOP wants to improve the ACA work on that separately. I think 2014 is going to be a huge shock to many in the GOP just like the fact Obama won another election came as a huge shock to them.

  • gbabies1

    Admit it folks, both parties are the same. They are controlled by large companies throughout America and the world. Insurance companies are handing out Pac money also. It is time for us to wake up and elect totally new leadership throughout this country all the way down to the bottom state representative. This country gives away billions of dollars each year to other countries. With this money everyone would have free health care and stop making working class America pay for everyone else.

    • Greg

      gbabies1 is the only one who has posted the complete truth. Stop taking shots at a state. There are plenty of smart, hard working Americans in Alabama, as well as the other states. Just like there are plenty of close minded bigots in all the states as well. The blame lies with BOTH sides, and a president who has FOSTERED more division than any president before him. THAT is what every registered voter should take away from this all. No matter who is elected as our next president, we all should be seeking honesty, fairness, and equal partisanship from the leader of the free world. “I am happy to talk with anyone about anything at any time.” Except of course, AFTER they have given you what you have demanded Mr president. #worstpresidentever

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