New York road-rage incident: Three NYPD cops took part in motorcycle ride

Image Credit: CBS News /

Image Credit: CBS News /

(CBS News) – Multiple New York City police officers took part in a motorcycle ride in New York this week that led to a violent road-rage incident that saw a gang of motorcyclists attack a motorist with his wife and child in the car, CBS News’ John Miller reports.

 According to New York Police Department sources, whether either of the two new officers to step forward witnessed Sunday’s incidents remains unclear, Miller reported Saturday afternoon. All three officers who have said that they took part in the motorcycle ride were off-duty.

 Earlier, on “CBS This Morning: Saturday,” CBS News reported that an undercover detective was riding with the group of bikers. Sources say he did not take part in the altercation with Alexian Lien and his wife, but he did not step in to stop the attack either, reportedly because he did not want to blow his cover.

The detective, who has not been identified, was not investigating the motorcycle group. He has retained a lawyer and is not talking to police.

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