Kids to Love: Miria


Last week you had a chance to meet Melia.  This week, I want you to meet Miria.  She likes art, reading and puzzles.  She would love to find a forever family.

14 year old Miria is in the 8th grade.

Her favorite subject is math.

“I do dividing, subtracting, multiplying.” Miria says.

Its homecoming week at school and the theme is Duck Dynasty.

“I love Duck Dynasty because it’s pretty funny.  I love all the characters.” Miria says

“Your favorite one is?” Lee asks.

“Jep is awesome, he’s the funniest.” Miria smiles as she answers.

Miria is the big sister… baby sister Melia is eight.  They would love to stay together.

“She’s nice and pretty & I love her.” Miria says about Melia.


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