Congressman Mo Brooks Explains Why He’s Willing To Shut Down Government, Use Debt Ceiling For Leverage

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(WHNT) - Many went back to work at Redstone Arsenal on Monday. Many others have to wait out a government compromise.

But when we questioned Congressman Mo Brooks (R-District 5) about the shutdown, he downplayed the overall economic effects.

"A government shutdown has an adverse effect on our economy, although we've had through the 1970s and 1990s, we've had 17 government shutdowns, and as you know, we had a thriving economy in the 80s and in the 90s."

Brooks says spending has spun out of control, and he says he'll use all possible tools to curtail it.

"I am quite willing to do whatever I can with respect to continuing resolutions, appropriation bills, debt ceiling votes, to try to get those in Washington who are financially irresponsible to start doing the right thing," said Rep. Brooks.

But is there any hope for those tactics that brought the government to a halt?

Congressman Brooks thinks Republican House leadership could still get its way.

He says even now he can envision a circumstance where the Democratic Senate votes to push back the Affordable Care Act.

"Under the right circumstances it's possible.  We'd have to see how those circumstances unfold.  Today, unlikely.  Tomorrow, maybe," he said.

But for Brooks, it always comes back to spending, and he's not scared of using government shutdowns or debt ceiling hikes to make his point.

"If I have to use those bills to cajole them to start thinking about the long-term consequences of spending money we don't have, then I'll do it."

Plus, Congressman Brooks has a slightly different view of the consequences of hitting the debt ceiling.

"There is no circumstance in which America would default on its loans unless that's what the President wants to do to punish the American people under the circumstances that we're in.  We have roughly $2.5 trillion in revenue per year, and interest on our debt is in the neighborhood of a quarter of a trillion dollars."

But at the same time, the congressman continues to warn of the dangers of the government's mounting debt, claiming we could hit outright bankruptcy soon.

"It would be this decade.  If we continue borrowing money at a rate of a trillion dollars a year, then we will probably see an insolvency and bankruptcy within this decade," Rep. Brooks said.

He does add, "Don't get me wrong.  I believe we're in a circumstance where we have to raise the debt ceiling, but at the same time, we have to be good stewards of taxpayers money and demand -- demand -- that there be a concurrent decrease in our spending so that we're on a path to solvency as opposed to a path of bankruptcy and insolvency."

For now, no signs of agreement on opening up the government, and it seems the debt ceiling debate could follow a similar path.


  • JDS

    Mo, How in hell can you even TRY to justify BLACKMAIL and you are a, supposedly, respectable man. You are a criminal, and just pleaded guilty
    If the laws of our country were enforced properly, he and every republican doing, and acting as they are now, would, and should be in
    JAIL. Lock them up, for hindering the law in carring out their jobs, and “Obstruction of Justice” Both felonies. I repeat “Lock Them Up”
    For our country’s sake and the people’s please lockem up NOW.

  • Wake Up

    A people get the government that they vote for! Hopefully, people will think twice before they vote in the next election!!!!

  • Bill

    This man is an oxygen theif!!!!! When you meet with him, he sits at his desk like he’s a king! He treats his staff poorly and belittles them in front of quest.
    He needs to go!! I’m a republican and I think he needs to go.

  • John Harchanko

    While Mr. Brooks comments have some basis in truth (however small), they do nothing to justify this particular tactic at this particular time. A long term problem is going to require a long term effort to solve. Mr. Brooks, please use your platform to inspire the American spirit rather than to inspire fear.

  • tena

    it sad tht your leaders want to shut down government. especially MO. I cant beliver hes like tht. I sure wont vote fore him. he don’t care hes still getting paid.

  • shirley bonds

    I believe all republicans should be ashamed of themselves for destroying our government and putting a lot of childess so-called leaders in office. They need to all be replaced by 5 year old children so there would be a reason for our country being shutdown.

  • Bill

    Some how we have to figure out how to break the Social Dependency cycle!! We have folks who have been dependent for decades and their off spring are raised to think that’s the norm. It’s NOT the norm and it should have never been seen as such.We need to put limits on how long an individual can stay on a social handout program. There are folks who really need some help when things go wrong. This assistance doesn’t need to be seen as a full time life style. We need folks to feel they have self worth. Get a job,pay taxes and teach your children that’s the way of life. DON’T STAND ON THE CORNER WITH YOUR HAND OUT!!!! The answer isn’t to have another child so you can get a pay raise.
    Come on AMERICA….we’re better than that. Now before someone comes along and says ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about. I was raised by a single mother and we were on WELFARE for three years after my parents divorce. This was in the 50’ and 60’s. We as a family were ashamed to ask for help but the program was in place to help. We got off that program as fast as we could!!!!!
    If we continue to provide Social handouts without any time lines…..we’re doomed as a country.

    • tbone84

      They crooks you are alking about are the few. The money that is lost for the welfare moochers is far less that of corporate moochers. Mo Brooks represents the corporate moochers!!

  • Chuck Lindstrom

    And that is what we got with Obama. You get what you vote for. The one thing he can claim as a victory is becoming a disaster. People who work are going to have to pay an arm and a leg while others will not. Polls show it is a disaster and he will not talk and the debt is way out of control and we are fed up. We have Harry Reid from Nevada, the most useless state in the country and Nancy Pelosi from the most bizarre state running their mouths and controlling the Senate. When is someone going to wake up and figure out that we are spending way over what we take in. We can not pay our bills and someday it is going to catch up with us and I think it is close at hand. By the way, it is both parties that are the cause.

  • Dan

    Shame on you Mo Brooks. Where were you when George W. Bush and republicans were borrowing and spending like “drunken sailors” (John McCain)? You’re a hypocrite and a liar.

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