Priceville Students Walk for Diabetes and a Kiss

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PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A walk Friday to raise money for diabetes had special meaning at Priceville Elementary.

That`s because some of the kids walking for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation know all too well about the disease.Three students and one teacher at Priceville Elementary have type one diabetes.

Sophia Clotfelter is a Priceville teacher and also a parent of a student with diabetes. She says, “I have a daughter who every day wakes up and says, ‘Mommy, is today the day we find a cure?’

Her daughter has to take at least four shots a day. According to Clotfelter, “They check their blood sugar, 6, 8, 10 times a day. One of the girls here is on the insulin pump, but that`s attached to her body 24 hours a day. And this is for the rest of their lives.”

The kids had plenty of motivation not only to help their friends and teacher, but also because meeting the one thousand dollar goal meant their coach, Mr. Wray, would kiss an animal. He just wasn`t sure which one.

The students ended up doubling their goal and raised more than two thousand dollars. And Mr. Wray kept his promise, puckering up to kiss a donkey.