Parent Wants Something Done About Butler High School’s Math Teacher Problem

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A high school student shows her mother a progress report. The mother doesn't see a grade for math. It's not the student's fault. The mother blames the school! We're talking about Butler High. She believes the grade was missing because her daughter's math teacher was missing!

Carolyn Harris told WHNT NEWS 19 the teacher has been out of the class five weeks. She asked WHNT NEWS 19 what's happening.

WHNT NEWS 19 looked into it. Some might think the reason is understandable, but others may wonder how come no one told parents at the beginning. Here's the deal, the grades were ready to be entered, but no one put in the information. The missing grades even shocked Butler's principal.

The principal says image has something to do with the concern too. All the student's mother wants to know is how her child is going to get credit.

Harris hopes she gets one point across to Huntsville City Schools.

"I am asking them to be accountable. If I kept my child home for five weeks, I`d be in court. In essence, that`s what they've done. She`s had five weeks of no math," said Harris.

Harris' daughter is a sophomore at butler high school. Her daughter takes fifth period math.

"They`ve been watching some math videos, had a few assignments, but really hadn't done a lot in math," added Harris.

The mother claims the math teacher quit soon after the school year began, the school had not replaced the teacher and no one told parents.

"The parents did know. There`s been a sub in there from the beginning, so they knew that," said Principal Sanchella Graham.

Harris insists she didn't know until checking her daughter's math grade on the most recent progress report.

"Nothing. It was like it wasn`t even a class. It was not on the paper at all," said Harris.

Principal Graham told WHNT NEWS 19 the people offered jobs didn't necessarily say no. The potential teachers said they had other employment. It's worth mentioning, a new math teacher started the day WHNT NEWS 19 interviewed the superintendent and principal.


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