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Government Shutdown: Understanding The Mindset Of Legislators

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - We caught up with Representative Mike Ball (R-Madison) while he was filling some of his duties as a state legislator.

His duties on this day include touring Alabama's Constitution Village, as part of the commission to plan the state's bicentennial.

He's having an easier day as a lawmaker than many.

But he knows what it's like to draw a line in the sand in the middle of a statehouse.

He knows that on the biggest stage - sometimes you have to fight dirty, because that's what sets our politics apart.

He says, "Even though the process looks messy, it's very important that it is played out in the proper manner.  You know, dictatorships aren't messy at all."

Ball says there's lots of legislation that everyone agrees on, but when it's time to stand up for yourself, "You always have to figure out which is a political hill worth dying on."

When it comes right down to it, this is the hill all members of Congress die on.  It's just a matter of picking your battle.

The Affordable Care Act proved a popular cause for both sides.

Ball adds, "You know, if you're in the process and there's not something that you believe in strong enough that you'd give it all up, you probably don't have any values."

So here we are, these insurance exchanges in the line of fire, because Ball says at the end of the day, "I do think that there's a lot of folks in Congress that feel like this is a hill worth dying on."

That's why we're pushed to the limit, because this is the fight both sides want.

Now, it's up to you, the voter, to decide who will survive the metaphor.


  • Estella Briggs

    hope they’re really ready to die because I am praying that us little people who have lost faith in our leadership get out in the coming election and vote them out of office. To bad we don’t have an amendment that limits the years they have to work in Congress like the 8 that limits the President may be we’d get some work done instead of playing around with our economics. We pay them to work not make a mess of things.

  • Brenda

    why don’t the government let the American people vote on Obama care and let that be what decides instead of what they are doing now, it doesn’t seem to be working to well.

  • Dale

    I do hope this battle kills the Tea Party.Then maybe thinks can get done. It is shameful that 80 members of the House can control the speaker.

    • Dale

      The bills that coma out of the House, are not worth voting on. They do nothing for the country. Just a bunch of dumb bills. The Ryan budget bill is the worst bill ever. But some stupid people love it.. I am glad the Senate doesn’t take up such stupid bills.

  • Josephine Madden

    I am proud of congress standing up to the president. Obama insurance is going to cost the people more money in the long run and hurt company’s to give insurance to their workers. Right now , Walmart is cutting their full time workers hours so that Walmart won’t have to pay for their insurance.

    • Dale

      Josephine, Wal Mart isn’t cutting hours because of the Affordable Care ACT, it is because of their greed, and not caring about their workers. Have you checked the cost of a health policy under the law? The only ones that will be paying more are the high income people that are only paying .09% of their income now. Under the law they will be paying 9.5%, hence the greedy argument against the law. May question to the people of this bible belt, how would Jesus Christ feel about the way you think.

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