Commissary Closes Doors Indefinitely Due To Government Shutdown

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) - As the government shutdown continues, the effects are being felt here in the Tennessee Valley. Tens of thousands of Redstone Arsenal employees have been furloughed, including commissary employees.

After business on Tuesday, the commissary was closed indefinitely.

"We all will be out of work. starting tomorrow," said Robin Daniel, the store director. "Now it’s the first of the month and we have to make the rent and beginning of the month bills, and we don’t know how long we are going to be without a job.”

Since nobody knows how long the shutdown will last, Daniel hoped most of the perishable items would be purchased by the end of the day. If Congress doesn't reach a deal in the next few days, that means much of the food will go bad, and anything that goes past its expiration date will have to be written off as a loss to the commissary.

"The workload that’s going to take trying to document all of the losses that’s a very heavy burden," said Daniel.

By mid-afternoon, some shelves had already been wiped clean, as Arsenal employee Brenda Winfrey searched for bananas.  All but one bruised banana sat on the shelf. But while they may have been out of her favorite fruit, it was the least of Winfrey’s worries.

"I am one of the excepted employees, which means I have to work without pay," said Winfrey. "And things off post are higher than the commissary, and it’s tax-free here. So it’s a big impact as far as cost, as far as my wallet is concerned."


  • Michael Kewl

    The Commissary was always a Federal subsidized program that got out-of-hand where the average American Federal Taxpayer could not ever gain access to and has had to purchase their groceries/goods from the real commercial world we all live in.

  • Matt

    Yes the commissary takes wic, we work at the commissary for the men, and women in the military, retires,and is our honor to provide our service. They have fought for our rights and freedoms. All I can say is thank you and that is how I give my service, to them.

  • Jody

    I’m a spouse for 24 years to a warrant officer who went from private to E7 and then warrant to W3 in the Army, not one person who has never served will never understand the sacrifices that are made, the saying goodbye for 15 month deployments which started with the gulf war and continued through Iraq. My husband suffers daily with PTSD and I’ve had to change my life and kids to adjust and learn how to deal with his worst moments, yes it was a choice but it was a choice as he held his right hand up and swore to defend our rights, freedom and choices.. It was an extreme adjustment on us, I will say it takes a heck of a strong spouse to live and love throughout these times.. My point is I was and still extremely proud to show my ID card before I purchased a well deserved lower price in groceries so anyone who says different is completely ignorant to their own words and should say one sentence, ” thank you for your service in defending my freedom”!!!

  • Jody

    It is a perk, but a well deserved, sacrificed for those that sleep well every night should be saying thank you, I’ve spent 21 years from the she of 18 to 39 as a spouse of a man who went into the gulf war and all the 15 month deployments in Iraq, I’ve had to adjust and re-adjust my kids and myself to conform to a man changed and who suffers from PTSD to other issues but I stand by him and proudly do that!! If you’ve not served you have no right in my eyes to make any comment about the savings the commissary gives us. Yes it was a choice but it was one that was made for your country and your freedom which should be honored! No one joins the military to get rich, we all know this so yes thus is an honor and I proudly showed my ID for it! I pray it re-opens for us and my family of five!

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