Residents Critical of Madison Playground Upkeep

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) -- Plans are in the works to give Kids Kingdom a face lift but some of the volunteers who originally built the playground and turned it over to the city say the action is long overdue.

Since concerns were brought before Madison City Council last week by Jane Dow mayor Troy Trulock says he has been working to find a way to pay for the repairs.

Rotting posts are one of the problems brought up by concerned citizens at Kids Kingdom.  (WHNT)

Rotting posts are one of the problems brought up by concerned citizens. (WHNT)

The Madison Kid’s Kingdom Playground at Dublin Park is a community playground project that was constructed during a six-day period in October of 1997.

"We were aware Kids Kingdom was going to need some repairs in the next few years and we actually are happy to say we have a committed corporate sponsor to help fund the uplift planned for next spring," says Trulock.

Dow lead a group of dozens of volunteers to fund, design and build the playground on city property in Dublin Park then turn it over to the city.

"If the city would have maintained this park like we advised them to this would not look the way it does today," Dow told WHNT News 19.

Mayor Trulock has asked Dow and others to turn over a list of needed repairs. Truclock says would like to see more community support for the uplift project slated for next spring. If you would like to help out with the project to repair Kids Kingdom call: (256) 772-2553

The playground is maintained by the City of Madison Parks and Recreation Department’s Maintenance Division.

kids3Report Problems or Concerns
To report any problems or concerns about the playground, please contact Kory Alfred, Director of Parks and Recreation at (256) 772-2553 or email.

The playground is open to the public – free of charge, during daylight hours.