Arsenal Commanders: Report to Work Tuesday for Guidance, Despite Shutdown

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, (WHNT) - Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander Col. Bill Marks has instructed all Redstone employees to report to work Tuesday, regardless of what happens in Congress on Monday.

In a news release, Col. Marks said that the arsenal is preparing for an orderly shutdown of many Team Redstone operations, should they be directed to do so by the Department of Defense.

Marks advised that, in accordance with guidelines and procedures, all Redstone Arsenal employees, regardless of their status, should report to work on Tuesday, October 1 in order to receive further guidance from their supervisors.

Marks called the situation facing the country a nearly unprecedented situation, but that he and his team are doing their best to prepare a plan that allows them to continue to support warfighters, astronauts in space, and the worldwide missions that they support.

"The top garrison priority remains the safety and security of our installation and workforce. Team Redstone pulled together to endure the recent furlough. It was not easy on anyone but I believe that we can again drive on through this and remain the top DoD installation in the world," said Marks in a press release.

To find a list of Redstone community services affected by the shutdown, click here: