The Clock Is Ticking In Washington D.C.

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WASHINGTON, D.C.  (WHNT) -- If the US House and Senate cannot pass a spending bill by 11 o'clock central time tomorrow night the Government will partially shut down.

Sunday House and Senate lawmakers weren't in session. Some hit the Sunday talk show circuit to blame each other for the budget deadlock.

House Republicans are calling on the Senate to pass a spending bill that prevents a partial shutdown.  Arkansas Representative Tim Griffin (R)  says it's imperative they work together. "We are just asking them in good faith come back and do what is required by a democracy, to negotiate and work with us."

The latest House bill ties funding for Federal agencies with a one year delay in the Affordable Care Act. However President Obama and Senate Democrats say they won't support any spending legislation that cuts into it.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine (D says that action is not right.  "We`re not going to pass it because it is wrong to do a shutdown of government as the leverage to make change."

Conservative Republicans say the Affordable Care Act is flawed and needs to be repealed or fixed.

If there is a shutdown, national parks and museums will close, but mail carriers, airport screeners, and the U.S. military will stay on the job.

Some civilian employees at Redstone Arsenal will be furloughed if a shutdown occurs.