Cat’s Meow a Deal


Let me, in the interest of full disclosure; make it clear I’m a dog guy.

I’m not a cat guy.

It comes from a simple place.

When you walk in the door after a long day at work with loud people who think Social Media is “The Force” from Star Wars, a dog will be glad to see you.

A cat will either ignore you, or just look at you like “well why didn’t you see the really cool post I had on Facebook and Twitter.”

(Yes, if you are wondering, I ‘m Social Media weary. Geez. But I digress.)

The Cat’s Meow is a cat toy. It has a motorized wand with a fake mouse on the end that rotates in a circle.

The theory is that the cats, being bored and not caring about anyone else but themselves, will play with it.

We gave the Cat’s Meow to a family with three cats. Two loved it.

The Cat’s Meow we grudgingly (ok, grudgingly for me) is good. It’s a Deal.

It cost $19.99.

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