Arsenal Officials: Don’t Text and Drive, Sign the Pledge


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) —  As we all know, distracted driving is not safe. We see advertisements that remind us of that all the time, but Redstone Arsenal leaders want to make sure no one forgets how dangerous it is.

“Every message is important but none is important enough for us to put our lives or the lives of others at risk,” said Steve Doering, Director of Center Operations at Marshall Space Flight Center.

Redstone Arsenal took part in the National Drive 4 Pledges Day. More than 200 organizations hosted activities across the country for the “It Can Wait” campaign. “We want our workers, our visitors, and everyone throughout the great nation to take a few minutes today to make a sincere pledge never to text while driving,” said United States Army Colonel Bill Marks

To sign the pledge: click here.


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