Big Changes for Sororities at the University of Alabama

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WHNT) - Hundreds turned out for a demonstration this morning on the University of Alabama campus. The student and faculty march was called the 'Stand in the Schoolhouse Door of 2013' and was a show of support to end racism on the campus.

A recent story in the campus university newspaper drew attention to the fact that campus sororities still will not extend a bid to well qualified candidates just because of their race. It detailed how a highly regarded, well-liked young woman was dropped by a number of sororities during this year's rush process, all because she was black.

As a result, University of Alabama president Judy Bonner met with sorority advisors Sunday and changed the rules of the bidding process to make it more fair.

In a video released Tuesday, Bonner said, “Chapter members admit that during the recruitment process that ended a few weeks ago, decisions were made based on race."

Bonner took the unprecedented step of reopening the sorority bidding process so that sororities can offer bids to students all year long.

Bonner stated in the video, "If we are going to adequately prepare our students to compete in the global society, we simply must make systemic and profound changes."

Another big change Bonner made was to increase the size of sororities to 360 people to increase the chances of prospective members.