Alabama Career Center Ready For International Paper Employees

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) - The announcement that International Paper is closing its Courtland plant is impacting thousands of people.

With 1,100 employees, the plant is Lawrence County's largest employer.

Some of those employees have already begun their job search.  One resource is the Alabama Career Center in Sheffield.

The staff urges job seekers to start looking now.

"We expect over time we will see an increase in folks from International Paper," said manager Jim Cook.  "We are seeing a few now, a few phone calls, people are trying to get ahead of the curve, looking and seeing what's available."

Cook says it could take months before someone submits a resume, lands an interview, and eventually gets hired.

“A lot of things today - it's not always a quick turnaround,” said Cook.

According to Cook, staff at the career center can help people create a resume, and even practice interview skills.  Then people can use the computers to update their work history and personal information.

“Most people have a lot more to offer than they realize, especially people at International Paper who have worked there for a very long time and haven't been in job search, and may not realize all they bring to the table,” said Cook.

The Career Center says Alabama JobLink is a good place to start searching for jobs online.