Second Grader Found After He Walks Away From Elementary School in Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – A scary scenario played out Monday afternoon as a second grader decided to leave the campus of Weeden Elementary School in Florence during the school day.

According to Superintendent Janet Womack, after helping his fellow students back inside from recess, an 8-year-old student made an alarming decision to leave out on his own.

Dr. Womack said the student’s teacher knew immediately once they got back in class the student was gone and notified the school’s office, who in turn notified the school resource officer to help locate the boy.

Within minutes, Womack said someone noticed the student walking alone five blocks from the school and called police.

“We want to always ensure to our parents that we have their children safe at all times,” stated Dr. Womack. “But we also recognize that we are dealing with students that sometimes that the student is not thinking the exact same thing that we are thinking.”

Dr. Womack said the school system will review all safety measures and procedures they have in place to make sure a similar situation does not happen again.