Road Work Leaves Huntsville Crossing Rougher

Crews recently worked on two Huntsville railroad crossings, on Pratt Avenue and Meridian Street. Both crossings are much rougher now, than they were. "They messed up bad. They just made them worse," says Jimmy Price.  "I don't understand why they fixed them, and they're worse than they started with," says Marge Loveday.

The two crossings are about a hundred yards apart, and it doesn't appear they're due for any more work.  There is new asphalt, but it's easy to see that it's rippled and not smooth. Every vehicle that uses the crossings bounces, and the ones with stiff shocks bounce a lot.  "You got to go about two miles per hour, you got to slow down a lot," says Jimmy Price.

From a distance you can see drivers slam on their brakes as they approach the two crossings. Some drivers practically stop before they ease across the rough terrain. "It's rough, and you expect them to be smooth, because it's always been smooth, and now you have to slow down to five miles an hour to cross them," says Marge Loveday.

Every driver we talked to, wants something to be done. That's why we're taking action and bringing the situation to the attention of the city, the state, and the railroad company that left the mess behind.


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