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Kling Says Supercenter is “Too Large” for Mason Plaza Property

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) --A new Walmart Supercenter could soon become reality on Memorial Parkway. However, one Huntsville City Councilman said he doesn't think it's a great idea. According to Bill Kling, Walmart at Drake Avenue is looking for a new home, and the Supercenter has its eyes set on a piece of property across Memorial Parkway at Mason Plaza.

"The property does not require any rezoning by the city and so it's a deal basically between the developer and the property owner," said Kling. Kling told WHNT News 19 that in his opinion, it's putting too big of a foot into too small of a shoe.

"In fact the land is much smaller than the Walmart Supercenters around the city," he said. "Another issue is Parkway traffic is already congested, the backyard neighborhood, I think, would be adversely affected by noise and traffic from a Walmart Supercenter."

Kling said all the City of Huntsville can do is make sure all ordinances are followed.  "As far as the City's role, we check ordinances like the building code, lighting standards, noise standards, to protect the neighborhood, so we'll just kind of do the best we can to help the neighborhood."

The proposed Supercenter is forcing several Huntsville businesses to move."Unfortunately, the developer didn't give them much time to relocate," he said. "I've tried to do what I can as far as cutting through the city bureaucracy for those who need building permits and making sure their business license will transfer when they go to a new location."

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