Cold Pizza Washed Down With Dirty Ice?

Didn't Cut the Mustard:

Quick Mart at 26804 Main Street in Ardmore: Score of 72

  • Cracked plastic food containers.
  • Ice maker, drink nozzles, ice shoot, wire food racks need cleaning.
  • Pizza Maker unit out – 65 Degrees F.
  • Unapproved cups in prep area.

Cardinal Rose at 9255 Pleasant Grove Road in Albertville: Score of 83

  • Unlabeled cleaner bottle and cleaner stored beside and over clean utensils.
  • Food contact equipment needed to be cleaned: Ex. slicer, cutters, vegetable choppers.

Golden Spoon Award:

Hibbett Middle School at 1601 Appleby Boulevard in Florence: Score of 100


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