Your Picture In Outer Space

(WHNT) - Astronaut and Flight Engineer Rick Mastracchio will be making his fourth trip to the International Space Station this fall.  He will serve as Flight Engineer Seven for the space station.

When he goes, he will take several twitter followers with him.  At least, in paper form.

Mastracchio, @AstroRM on Twitter, wants to take "virtual crewmembers" with him on launch day.

About once a month, Mastracchio will ask a trivia question about his training. The first person to reply to @AstroRM with the correct answer wins.  He also asks followers to use #ISSEF7 after their reply.  Winners will have their picture uplinked to the ISS where Mastracchio will photograph the picture with Earth in the background. @AstroRM will share the photos on twitter.

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